I am currently accepting financial slave applications. There are a few things you need to do first. Number one, go buy this video that outlines the details of a proper slave application 

If you don’t want to spend money to apply and are mass emailing a  bunch of findoms, are “shopping around for the right one” you have already failed. You need to pay me to even read your application email, so give up the idea that finding a mistress is going to be free for you. You can pay me in various ways. I love payments via clip sales, so you can purchase at least $100 worth of clips here for me to consider your application here or on my kinkbomb or Iwantclips. When you email, forward me the receipt at

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  1. Anonymous says:

    My goddess first if all im dead serious , i work as a neurologist im in my late thirties and my salary is pretty good actually , i live alone no gf and will never have one (i consider girls superior to me ) , i get from every week 2 days vacation , i actually live about 1 hour away from your state (ok no more exposing personal information :/) , ok getting to the point i want to be your personal slave in those 2 day for 8000$/month you were my dream goddess since 2014 i get turned on by paying goddesses especially you money i want you to drain my wallet my credit card make me your atm your pay pig your bitch yes im pathetic , if you are intrested please reply , again im dead serious ….sincerely your pet.

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